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USNR SAM Technology leverages scan data to improve processes, automate QC

April 29, 2022  By USNR

USNR’s SAM Technology effectively replaces many quality control functions typically performed manually. This new technology has been running in production since 2017.

Imagine a mill where products are quality controlled through technology, where mill QC staff is deployed for higher level analytical work. Manual quality control measurement for PLC correction is seldom required. Only then is it possible to operate the mill at its peak efficiency, value recovery, throughput performance, and safety.

  • Automatic sawing variance control
  • Machines self monitoring, adjusting
  • All pieces input/output scanned

Automated quality control systems have been available for years from third parties, but to fully close the loop the original optimization data is also required. For example, to automatically adjust the edger system it is necessary to know how the piece was positioned before the saws, as well as the measurements of the resulting piece. If the piece is not on size or not cut at the target location, it is important to know which saw is out of position, and the amount and direction that it needs to be adjusted. This is where USNR’s SAM technology closes the loop, providing complete data to automatically adjust the saws. USNR has this technology operating globally since 2017.

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