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USNR upgrade improves stacking process efficiency

July 19, 2018 - USNR has designed a new all-electric Stick-N-Stacker (Lunden style) that boasts many advanced features. You can take advantage of the newer technology through upgrades to your existing stacker.

The Rake Off Assembly upgrade converts your system from hydraulic to electric, achieving a smooth operation up to 20 cycles per minute while maintaining ability to retract forks, even if boards are out of position, without damaging the Rake Off.

  • Wide target design with breakaway pins prevents damage when contacting broken boards
  • Target closely follows the fork taper and pan contour preventing stick rake back issues
  • “Safe zero potential” prevents Rake Off from falling even with broken chains!
  • Removes rack and spur gears (formerly for equalization)
Click here to watch it in action.

USNR is continually making upgrades available for our existing systems as technology advances. For more upgrade options, click here.

July 19, 2018  By USNR

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