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Vallee releases two new lift trucks

June 16, 2016 - Vallée introduced the 4DA20D XRT & 4DA25D XRT OTR Tire Lift Trucks, the latest additions to its Compact Series.

June 16, 2016  By  Andrew Macklin

Making grounds in the wood industry

The XRT trucks, which stand for ‘extra rough terrain,’ live up to their name as they’re built to maximize productivity gains on uneven surfaces and in tight spaces. In addition, the XRTs can handle surprisingly heavy loads for their size, and precisely because they’re built compact, they can provide a degree of agility that can measurably increase the speed at which tasks are performed.

“The first thing that motivated us to develop the XRT was the total absence of lift trucks with the kind of ground clearance needed to operate efficiently on rugged terrain commonly found in lumber yard applications, etc.,” says Vallée CEO Frédéric Beaulieu. “Then we started thinking about integrating other innovative solutions designed to make it more agile, a more spacious ergonomic cab and standard suspended seating that would reduce operator fatigue and consequently increase productivity, unobstructed lines of sight and a 85 per cent blind-spot-free surround-view for better visibility and safety, and extra plusses like side-shifting and leveling that permit loads to be handled with greater precision.”

Because they are designed to work long hours in rough conditions, articulated to work in confined conditions, and built tough to handle sizeable loads, Vallée’s XRT trucks allow you to have fewer vehicles operating at the same time and are capable of snaking their way around and into areas that are harder to access, which means you can size-down the space you need to operate. Real time and money savers – especially when you add the extra reduced spending made possible by the XRT engine’s frugal diesel consumption.


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