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Valutec invests in North America, forms Canadian subsidiary

September 21, 2015 - Valutec is taking the plunge into the North American market. The investment has begun with the formation of the subsidiary Valutec Wood Dryers Inc., which will be headquartered in Vancouver, B.C.

“We see great opportunities to expand into the world market, especially since the interest in our new generation of continuous kilns continues to rise,” says Robert Larsson, CEO for Valutec. 

The investment means Valutec steps into a market that has a long tradition of wood processing. This is an advantage, according to Larsson.

“We will encounter customers who regard technology and new working methods as a good way of making full use of the raw material's value, just as they do in Europe. We share their point of view," he says.

Valutec, with its long history of lumber drying, has delivered more than 3,000 batch kilns and 1,000 continuous kilns, primarily to the Nordic countries, but also many deliveries to major sawmill markets like Germany and Russia.

“Our industry knowledge, experience and unceasing efforts to develop lumber drying means we feel well prepared to take the step into a new market,” says Larsson.

Valutec is a world leader in the continuous kiln segment. The company has consolidated this position through the launch of a new generation of continuous kilns known as TC kilns that offer the quality and time efficiency improvements for many different types of raw material demanded by customers.

“Wood drying is an important part of a sawmill's value creation and Valutec's offer is perfectly suited for tomorrow's demands. So I chose to work with this investment together with them," says Ingo Wallocha, CEO for Valutec Wood Dryers Inc.

Wallocha has many years of experience working within the wood drying and sawmill industry. He has worked primarily in the North American market for the past five years.

Valutec's executive management will travel to North America in the weeks ahead to meet with representatives for Canadian and American sawmills on their home turf.

“This is truly inspiring and a mile marker in the company’s development,” says Robert Larsson. 

September 21, 2015  By Valutec

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