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Virtual Event
Women in Forestry 2022
March 8, 2022 at 11:00am EST

Inclusivity through language – starting off right

  • Caity Klaudt, RFT, Occupational Safety Officer, WorkSafeBC
  • Carole Savage, RPF, Occupational Safety Officer, WorkSafeBC
  • Cindy Fife, RPF, Occupational Safety Officer, WorkSafeBC
We are hearing more and more about diversity and inclusion in workplaces across B.C. WorkSafeBC will be presenting information on gender diversity and some lessons learned for improving communication and inclusivity in silviculture workplaces. We know that words matter, and the importance of using correct language to help maintain a respectful workplace and promote equality for all.  

Caity Klaudt
Caity Klaudt, RFT: I am a Registered Forest Technologist with the ABCFP. My career in forestry started in 2006 when I took a job tree-planting. I enjoyed it so much that, after three summers of planting, I switched schooling and entered the Forest Technology program at NAIT. After graduating I went to work in Northern B.C., and spent 10 seasons working various roles with Canadian Forest Products Ltd. In 2019, I left industry and joined WorkSafeBC where I am now a Prevention Officer that focuses on forestry and oil and gas projects.

Carole Savage
Carole Savage, RPF: Hello everyone from the Okanagan! I am honoured to live here in the unceded territory of the Sylix (Okanagan) nation. I am a Registered Professional Forester with the ABCFP. My career in forestry started in the early 1990s as a layout and planning consultant, and then transitioned into forest worker safety and avalanche safety. I have been with WorkSafeBC since 2015, when I became a WorkSafeBC Forest Industry Specialist. I have since transitioned into a Prevention Officer role with a focus on forest industry safety.

Cindy Fife
Cindy Fife, RPF: I started my career in forestry at a young age working on the family Christmas tree farm in rural Nova Scotia. When I realized that there was a world called forestry beyond the farm, I set my sights on a BS in Forest Management at the University of New Brunswick and then headed west where the big trees grow and landed on Vancouver Island! Starting out as a field forester for MacMillan Bloedel, I became a Registered Professional Forester and over the next quarter century I held many positions in forest management, planning and production with the company that has morphed into the Western Forest Products Ltd of today. I needed a change and have been with WorkSafeBC as Occupational Safety Officer specializing in forestry now for two years.