Wood Business

Virtual Event
Women in Forestry 2023
March 7, 2023 at 11:00am EST

Q&A session: Ask the boss

Moderator: Maria Church, Managing Editor, Annex Forestry Group
  • Molly Hudson, Director of Sustainability, Mosaic Forest Management
  • Jimmie Hodgson, Senior Manager, Forestry Operations, Mosaic Forest Management
Our audience spoke and we are listening. Last year’s summit survey results show many of you want to know how to speak to your bosses about sensitive topics. We’ve assembled two bosses from Mosaic Forest Management to tackle your burning questions. Send in your questions ahead of time by emailing them to mchurch@annexbusinessmedia.com, or fill out the question box on our event registration page.

Molly Hudson
Molly has spent her multi-decade career in the forest sector working throughout coastal British Columbia as a tree planter, timber cruiser, research technician and biologist before joining Mosaic 10 years ago. She is Mosaic’s leader in forest management certification, environmental performance, community relations, and fish and wildlife management, including the species at risk program.

Molly holds a biology degree from the University of British Columbia and a diploma of technology in forest ecosystems from the BC Institute of Technology. She is a registered professional forester and registered professional biologist, and is passionate about forestry’s role in a climate-smart future and about creating a diverse and equitable forest sector.

Jimmie Hodgson
Jimmie started his career in the Maritimes with a focus on silviculture and harvesting operations, gained experience in GIS in California, and has been working in coastal British Columbia as a silviculture forester for the past two decades. He is responsible for Mosaic’s reforestation, stand tending, survey monitoring, salvage operations, and fire hazard abatement programs.

Jimmie holds a bachelor of science degree in forest management from the University of New Brunswick and is a registered professional forester.