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Women in Forestry – 2021
March 9, 2021 at 11:00am EST


A leader in eco-friendly recovery, hygiene and packaging solutions, Cascades employs 12,000 women and men, who work in over 90 production units in North America and Europe.

Because we are committed to providing equal opportunities for employment and advancement, we use a data-driven approach to determine where we can improve our human resources processes, in both the recruitment and the career development of our employees. This allows us to track the proportion of men and women in each profession, and support women interested in holding traditionally male positions. Through our Women in the Workplace program, we also propose concrete measures to encourage women’s professional engagement. Whether in production, innovation, research or management positions, we are propelling more women into key positions and offering them the right conditions to achieve their ambitions.

Jessica Carbonneau, Production Manager at Cascades Tissue Group – Kingsey Falls, had the opportunity to complete two internships at Cascades during her studies. During her last internship, she obtained a position as a relief supervisor in the plant. With one thing leading to another, she then acted as de-inking supervisor and machine 2 supervisor before becoming production manager, a position she holds today. With leadership and fierce determination, Jessica has carved out a place for herself in the pulp and paper industry. She is recognized and appreciated by her peers.

“Listen and trust yourself! If you want it and are ready to put in the effort, anything is possible. There’s no reason you won’t succeed as a woman at Cascades, because Cascades will give you the chance to become what you want. The rest is up to you!” – Jessica Carbonneau, Production Manager, Cascades Tissue Group – Kingsey Falls

At Cascades, we are a source of possibilities. Discover a world of opportunities and #revealyourpotential at www.jobs.cascades.com.

For more information visit our website at www.cascades.com/en/about-us/our-employees/life-cascades