Wood Business

Virtual Event
OptiLog 2021
June 15, 2021 at 1:00pm EST



In today’s logging world, being #1 in the woods takes more than brawn to power through the work, it takes brains to work smarter, sharper, and with an eye on the future.

With John Deere Precision Forestry, a suite of technology solutions developed specifically for loggers, you have the tools and support to make the most of every jobsite. Simplifying the technology portfolio, it’s easier than ever for you to select and adopt solutions based on your unique needs. These advantages are further amplified with John Deere Connected Support™, which teams with your dealer for powerful machine monitoring, remote diagnostics, and guidance from expert technology specialists.

The tech enhancements don’t end there. Available for wheeled harvesters and forwarders, Intelligent Boom Control provides benefits ranging from simpler operation to reduced machine wear and increased precision and productivity, making hard work easier for new and experienced operators alike.

Want to learn more about taking your operation to the next level? Learn more about these technology solutions here.