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Cylinders that under-perform cost you money. Having a Royal Cylinder in your application will solve this because at Royal our guiding purpose is to design and manufacture a cylinder that specifically addresses what your machine throws at it.

When the wood industry needed heavy duty pneumatic cylinders that were easy to rebuild and could stand up in a harsh environment, Royal introduced the R-Series cylinder. The R-Series is equipped with lightweight pistons and low friction seals paired with cast steel heads, nitro steel rods, and nitro steel barrels. This makes the R-Series cylinder line fast while still being durable and repairable. Whether it is on a trim saw, veneer planer knockoff or a canter hold down application, Royal has a solution that will meet your needs. The R-Series cylinder line can also be used to replace the now obsolete Atlas MM Series.

For hydraulic cylinders Royal provides the H-Series. These heavy duty hydraulic cylinders are able to be customized to meet your applications needs. From our line of core drive positioner cylinders that use a one piece piston rod for higher strength, to our heavy duty hydraulic step feeder cylinders designed and built to withstand a high shock load, or our quad band saw hold down cylinder that provides fast pre-positioner while still providing cushioning compliance to prevent overload, our cylinders outperform the competition. For these and more hydraulic applications ask us about the Royal H-Series hydraulic cylinder and the Royal XH Heavy duty hydraulic cylinder lines.

Electric! Our latest product offering, the Royal E-Series Electric Cylinder delivers the toughest roller screw in the industry. Our E-Series Cylinder features all steel construction from our proven 5000psi hydraulic cylinder line so it stands up in the toughest of applications. Our E-Series is available in multiple mounting configurations and can be customized to suit your specific requirements.

Whether you need assistance in finding a cylinder that better suits your equipment, are looking for technical support, or just need information on our product lines, contact sales@royalcylinders.com and visit our website at www.RoyalCylinders.com. We can help!


For more information, visit our website: royalcylinders.com/index.php