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Tigercat is a privately owned, vertically integrated Canadian corporation with deep expertise in engineering, fabrication and manufacturing. Tigercat specializes in the design and manufacture of premium quality forest harvesting systems, specialized off-road industrial machines, and material processing equipment.

Tigercat Telematics

Tigercat launched its telematics solution RemoteLogÒ in 2017 after extensive field research that included customer feedback from around the world. The result is a simple, robust machine monitoring solution that works even in the most remote locations, with everything you need to know is organized within an easy-to-use web interface.

Loggers can track key machine performance metrics from their desktop or tablet to maximize machine productivity and reduce operating costs. Key metrics include:

  • Geographic location
  • Text messaging
  • Activity timeline
  • Production summary
  • Diagnostics
  • Fuel level and fuel consumption
  • Mechanical data
  • Analytics and reports

Tigercat’s telematics solution includes two components, RemoteLog® and LogOn™.

RemoteLog® allows users to perform fleet management functions remotely. Performance, diagnostic and location data are transmitted to the RemoteLog online platform via satellite.

LogOn™ allows users to connect directly to a machine’s telematics system via a local Wi-Fi signal to access a similar dataset of performance and diagnostic information.

New features are added to Tigercat’s telematics platforms regularly. Recent updates include a text messaging feature, a RemoteLog web service, and new LogOn reports.

Text Messaging

Using the same satellite connection as RemoteLog, machine operators or technicians may now send and receive simple text messages when no cellular mobile network is available. There is no need for another messaging service – RemoteLog does it all.

Worksite supervisors can send messages to machine operators quickly and easily. Get direct support at the jobsite from your Tigercat dealer when your phone is out of coverage range.



RemoteLog Web Service

You can now access the ‘Data that Matters’ from RemoteLog directly through a new web service using your IT servers. Now it is possible to share geographic position and production data for your machines with landowners and forestry operations companies.



LogOn Reports

You can easily view production, activity timelines, and fuel consumption on your mobile device using LogOn at the worksite. Now you can download formatted reports in PDF or CSV formats and save them to your mobile device. View the reports anytime or share them through email.

For more information and equipment lineup visit our website: www.tigercat.com/telematics/