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Volvo demos for rollover prevention

Sept 9, 2013 - Volvo is hosting two events in Alberta to showcase their emergency breaking technology that was designed to keep trucks on the straight and narrow roads. Volvo Enhanced Stabililty Technology with ABS traction control (VEST) makes emergency breaking more efficient. It dramatically reduces the likelihood of a rollover, jackknife or loss of control incident on both wet and dry roads.

VEST sensors quickly and accurately detect a dangerous driving situation and respond by automatically reducing the engine torque and activating the necessary brakes.

By automatically compensating for driver error, miscalculation or rapidly changing road conditions, VEST helps keep the vehicle under control even on wet or snowy roads, black ice and exit ramps.

The two demonstrations will be happening this week and next. Please RSVP by clicking on the links below.

Calgary: September 10th at Beiseker Airport
Edmonton: September 18th at Castrol Raceway


September 9, 2013  By  Amie Silverwood

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