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Wade Zammit joins EACOM as vice-president and chief operating officer

May 28, 2018 - A forester by trade, Wade Zammit has worked in the industry for over 35 years. He has touched upon different fields, including business development, sales and marketing, and managing both sawmill and timber operations for large forestry companies.

May 28, 2018  By EACOM

Seeing tremendous potential in EACOM’s culture, its team, and its opportunities, Zammit joined in early 2018 as vice-president and chief operating officer. His goals include developing the company’s potential as a leader in the industry and an employer of choice. He notes that it is also the right time to take advantage of the exceptionally strong wood products market to drive core competencies and competitiveness in preparation for growth.

Culture: the key to building a strong company and attracting talent 
Zammit is passionate that everyone in the company talk and walk in alignment with EACOM’s values: respect, integrity, learning, and collaboration.

“EACOM’s culture and values were a major factor in my decision to take on this opportunity,” Zammit says. “I believe that when good values are championed by senior management and embedded in a company’s culture consistently, there is an inherent trust built, accountability, and ownership that bears significant value to all stakeholders.”

A great culture is also crucial for attracting a limited workforce in remote areas with competing industries. The average age of EACOM’s mill workers is in the mid to late-forties. As many begin to think about retirement, the company is gearing itself towards welcoming the next generation of employees.


“EACOM is a fun and challenging place to build a career, a place where an employee can grow professionally and personally,” Zammit explains. “If we can offer a more engaging work environment than our competitors, we can better attract and retain new talent.”

The company is committed to developing and promoting internally, to creating a sense of belonging and stability, and to building its success with its people.

Vision for the future 
With high demand and record prices for EACOM’s products, Zammit is enthusiastic about the future.

“We are seizing this opportunity to invest in our operations, in our people, in our brand” he adds. “Wood is the building material of the future. It is sustainable, renewable, innovative and it has the least environmental impact relative to competing materials. The market is beginning to see what we have known to be true about the total life cycle benefits of wood products.”

Zammit considers that conditions are optimal for preparing for growth in this traditionally cyclical industry.

“We operate in one of the most challenging wood baskets in North America. Success here will translate to unlocking value in future opportunities for EACOM” he says.

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