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Wagner introduces Omega in-line moisture measurement system

January 31, 2023  By Wagner Meters

Wagner Meters has introduced the Omega in-line moisture measurement, detection, and data analysis for primary and secondary wood products manufacturers.

Specially designed for the lumber mill or wood products manufacturing environment, Omega and its optional data collection and analysis software is an invaluable tool for improving your kiln drying or overall moisture quality control.

Whether your company is a primary lumber mill or a secondary wood products operation, with or without dry kilns, the Omega In-Line Moisture Measurement System should be your most important moisture measurement and analysis tool.

Whether it is installed upstream or downstream of your planing or moulding operation, a sideways or end-to-end configuration, the benefits of having an Omega system are the same:

  • Keeping moisture problems out of your mill
  • Improving your kiln drying, your grade recovery, and your bottom line by minimizing moisture-related degrade, excessive drying energy costs, wet claims, and overall moisture quality control issues

Omega, Wagner’s latest generation of moisture measurement systems, continues our legacy of providing comprehensive and robust moisture measurement and data analysis tools that are so critical now for today’s modern wood products mills.

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