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WEBINAR: Ten Steps Toward Successful Drying

Is lumber drying your operation's Achilles heel? There are many technologies, diagnostic tools, and sources of information to assist mill operators in planning and operating a top performing mill these days, and many operators have taken advantage of such advances. But what about drying - has that critical operation benefited as much as the sawmill and planer mill operations from recent advances?  

Join Peter Garrahan as he presents 10 ways to turn your drying operation from “normal” to “top performer”.  This 45-minute webinar covers everything from better ways of doing everyday activities to taking advantage of the latest technologies.  All 10 items will have the potential to improve the bottom line of your drying operation through improved productivity and/or value recovery. Topics will include not only the steps, but also explanations of how they can benefit your bottom line, and by how much.  Each idea will offer takeaways in terms of where to go for more detail or help with implementation.  Even if you decide to pursue only one or two of the ideas presented, your time will be well spent. And all for the cost of lunch!

Peter Garrahan has almost 40 years of research and industrial experience in the areas of wood drying, moisture measurement, heat treating, and in-service problems related to wood and moisture. He has authored many papers on research work conducted during his 30 career with Forintek Canada Corp. (FPInnovations). He is also the principal author of the publication entitled "Drying Spruce-Pine-Fir Lumber" an extensive guide on the drying practices and science behind drying this species grouping. His experience includes a mix of applied research, technical services to industry, and training.

Peter has conducted many dry kiln workshops in Canada and the U.S. in both the hardwood and softwood sector. Since 1995 he has been a regular contributor of articles to Canadian Wood Products and Canadian Forest Industries with practical tips on drying and highlighting benefits of applying new technology. Peter lives in Ottawa and is currently employed as an independent consultant offering his services to industry and other organizations.

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DATE: March 25, 2015

TIME: 11:00 am PST (2:00 pm EST)

COST: $25 



February 12, 2015  By  Stacy Bradshaw

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