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Website promoting local wood wins award

The County of Renfrew is trying to introduce the forestry industry to the Internet and "The Google Generation," and it has received an award for its efforts.

April 8, 2013  By The Daily Observer

At the annual conference of the Economic Developers Council of Ontario (EDCO), held from Feb. 5-7 in London, OttawaValleyWood.com earned the Ontario Economic Development Award, recognizing “excellence in marketing and product development utilizing technology.”

The site was co-developed by county business development officer Craig Kelley and county forester Lacey Rose, and it serves as an online hub for all things wood-related, from lumber products to wooden crafts and furniture.

“The project was undertaken primarily to make it easier, especially for the internet-savvy generation who are exercising their buying power right now, to source local wood products,” Rose explained to county council during a recent presentation. “We also wanted to raise awareness in the general public that we do have a large forest-based industry here that can supply everything from lumber to art. A lot of people don’t realize we have so many different wood products here.”

Built with financial support from the Renfrew County Community Futures Development Corporation, through the Eastern Ontario Development Program, the site features photos and descriptions of a growing number of producers and manufacturers from across the country, with the summaries designed to both introduce their products and services and make the experience of dealing with them for purchases of all kinds a more personal one.


According to Rose, about 40 producers have already been profiled for the OttawaValleyWood.com, with more being added as they are contacted and discovered.

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