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Wellons introduces Trumark-Evo

May 12, 2023  By Wellons

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The Wellons wireless TRUMARK-Evolution Moisture Meter System significantly improves lumber moisture content (MC) regulation during the drying process. Based on the proven Wellons TCS technology, TRUMARK-EVO provides accurate, consistent lumber MC measurement throughout the drying process. Drying times shorten, MC standard deviation is narrowed, and lumber quality is maximized.

TRUMARK-EVO operates in conjunction with Wellons’ computerized control system (Winkiln-Evo) to develop precise drying schedules to automate the drying process and achieve consistent results. MC is continuously measured while Winkiln-Evo monitors and adjusts the drying process. TRUMARK-EVO in a batch kiln will determine the end-point of a drying schedule and in a CDS will determine push rate adjustments using real-time data.

Installation of TRUMARK-EVO systems require minimal down time and are available for both new and existing drying systems.
Benefits include:

• Accurate MC measurement above and below fiber saturation.
• Seamless Integration with Wellons Winkiln-Evo control software.
• Automatic push rate adjustment in Continuous Drying Systems (CDS).
• Automatic end-point determination in batch kiln systems.


Count on TRUMARK-EVO for truly accurate drying results and to achieve your target MC.


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