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Werk-Brau roll-out bucket adds 24-inches of dump height to any loader

December 20, 2021  By Werk-Brau

Werk-Brau introduces roll-out buckets, which add 24 inches or more to the dump height of wheel loaders. Designed for light materials (2000 lbs./cubic yard or less), this new bucket allows the loading of standard (13-feet, six-inch) trailers without ramps.

Tandem cushioned hydraulic cylinders raise the back of the bucket to achieve the higher dump height, completely clearing materials without the need for jarring material loose. A recessed carriage improves the centre of gravity and prevents “tippyness” while placing less stress on loader arms and bucket linkage. Load out “cycle” time is reduced. Visibility slots on the top of the bucket allow the operator a better sightline. Performance side plates enhance material retention, and rubber skirting keeps the bucket clean after every bucket pass. Werk-Brau roll-out buckets are available for all loader sizes, and are ideal for backfilling, loading trucks, re-handling of materials, and more.

Manufactured with high-strength T-1 steel in all critical wear points, with abrasion resistant wear straps to reinforce the bucket bottom. Werk-Brau manufactures all attachments to OEM specifications for all makes and models of all wheel loaders.

A video demonstration of the new Roll-Out Bucket is available here.


All Werk-Brau buckets are made in the U.S. and are available through equipment dealers and distributors worldwide.

Werk-Brau manufactures a complete line of OEM and replacement attachments for excavators, mini excavators, backhoes, mini and full-size loaders, and crawler loaders. Since 1947, they have been industry leading innovators, designing and producing specialty products for the heavy equipment industry. Their products are made in the USA and sold through equipment dealers and distributors worldwide. More than 70 years after their founding, the core principles of the company remain relevant – “provide customers with the utmost service, quality, and maintain the quality that bears the Werk-Brau name.” For more information on Werk-Brau products, contact Dale DeWeese at (800) 537-9561, or via e-mail at sales@Werk-Brau.com, or visit them online at www.Werk-Brau.com.

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