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Wolftek now representing Lucidyne in Canada

April 17, 2019  By Lucidyne Technologies

Lucidyne Technologies, Inc. of Corvallis, Ore., and Wolftek Industries, Inc. of Prince George, B.C. proudly announce Wolftek’s representation of Lucidyne’s products in Canada.

Lucidyne’s flagship product, the GradeScan Automated Lumber Scanner, uses Deep Learning artificial intelligence to grade lumber. With Perceptive Sight, defect detection and classification take a quantum leap in accuracy and results. And now, GradeScan is scalable so we have a GradeScan that is right for every mill, from a stud mill to a high-volume/high-speed planer mill with multiple products, grades, and species. GradeScan delivers unparalleled defect detection, for maximum optimization, and an ROI that makes GradeScan the only choice for your mill.

Wolftek’s long relationship with Canadian mills makes them the ideal partner to represent Lucidyne’s products. Their knowledge of the unique needs and challenges of the Canadian market positions Wolftek to help mills understand how automated grading, and the advantages of Perceptive Sight Intelligent Grading, can help them maximize value and fibre recover.


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