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Wrap sorted logs with Pro-Fix Maintenance’s new Bundle Pro 3

August 20, 2019  By Pro-Fix Maintenance

Wrapping a bundle of sorted logs with cable to be transported from a dryland sort is traditionally one of the most dangerous jobs in logging. While there were machines to assist in log bundling prior to the development of the revolutionary Bundle Pro 3, much of the bundling process had to be completed manually, with increased risk of injury, and they were built on outdated carriers.

The Bundle Pro 3’s development began when Western Forest Products contacted Pro-Fix Maintenance to repair their worn-out log bundlers. When Western Forest Products wanted to make significant design changes, Pro-Fix Maintenance decided to develop a new log bundling machine, based on the CAT 950H tractor. The first Bundle Pro 3 was designed and manufactured in just over six months at Pro-Fix Maintenance’s headquarters in Campbell River, B.C. So far, three Bundle Pro 3’s have been produced to date, and all are currently operating at remote dryland sorts on northern Vancouver Island.

The Bundle Pro 3 allows a single operator to wrap sorted bundles of logs safely and efficiently. Using a remote-control system, cable carried in large bulk spools on the back of the machine is fed through the Bundle Pro’s distinctive yellow arms around a bundle of logs. A hydraulically crimped sleeve is then used to secure the cable around the log bundle. Once the log bundle is wrapped in cable, the operator then opens the arms and backs away from the bundle, which is ready for pushing into the water.

The Bundle Pro 3 was designed with safety and production as the primary focus and allows a single operator to produce more bundles in a shift, from the safety and comfort of a cab. As a proud part of the west coast forest industry, Pro-Fix strives to continuously develop new innovative solutions to increase worker safety and advance technology.


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