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OptiSaw 2023: Case study on drying

Secovac founder Pierre Gilbert shared results of the installation of the EchoStop system, Secovac’s latest technological breakthrough in the field of drying control, at Clermond Hamel’s sawmill in Quebec.

Wellons Canada acquires MEC Dry Kiln

Wellons Canada, supplier of lumber drying kilns in North America, has announced its acquisition of Quebec’s MEC Dry Kiln.

Sustainable drying: NorSask’s new continuous kiln to run off sawmill residuals

Meadow Lake Tribal Council’s new Bioenergy Centre in Saskatchewan will use residual wood waste from nearby NorSask Forest Products (also owned by the MLTC), to provide enough electricity to power 5,000 homes in the community.


Wellons Canada & MEC = Lumber Drying Innovation

By joining forces, and having over 750 kilns installed, we are the premier supplier of Continuous Drying Systems and Batch Kilns to the forest products industry.

The quality and efficiency of lumber drying is more important today than ever. Wellons Canada continues to innovate with our industry leading kiln modeling for optimized sizing and design as well as our TruMark EVO Wireless Moisture Measurement to ensure precise drying control throughout the process. Whether your system is electric, natural gas, hot water, thermal oil or steam heating, we provide the highest quality drying with the most efficient energy usage and highest rates of production.
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Spotlight on Kilns

Canadian Forest Industries has a roundup of the latest kiln technology from suppliers from around the world for drying Canadian lumber. » Read More...

Valutec kiln installations tested at J.D. Irving and Pleasant River sawmills

Valutec’s Thomas Wamming and John Karbin visited Maine in the U.S., where TC continuous kilns have recently been commissioned at J.D. Irving’s sawmill in Ashland and Pleasant River’s sawmill in Enfield. » Read More...
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How to measure the humidity of the wood in a continuous kiln without using plates ?

With an RF antenna installed inside the kiln on a column, the EchoStop™ system determines the humidity of the wood without contact and without plate installations by the operator.

The system operates without batteries inside the kiln which could explode and cause a fire.

Up to 10% increase in productivity can be achieved with this system.

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EACOM invests $7.7M in continuous dry kiln at Matagami mill

EACOM Timber Corporation is pleased to announce an investment of $7.7M to equip its Matagami, Que., sawmill with a new state-of-the-art continuous kiln. » Read More...

Swedish sawmill group invests in six batch kilns from Valutec

To increase its drying capacity while maintaining a high level of quality, the privately-owned sawmill group AB Karl Hedin is investing in six batch kilns for its Swedish sawmills in Säter and Krylbo. » Read More...

EACOM invests $8.9M in new continuous dry kiln for Elk Lake mill

In addition to being more energy efficient, the new system will eliminate the use of both diesel fuel and propane which are currently being used as part of the energy mix for heating the buildings on-site and two kilns. » Read More...

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They are the best kilns out there

This Valutec TC continuous kiln review was made by Chris Brochu, co-president of the The Pleasant River sawmill group. In 2019, they became the first North American company to invest in a TC kiln. Since then, the Maine-based company has added three more. Other notable North American companies that have invested in Valutec kilns are JD Irving, Hampton Lumber and Spruce Products.

Our TC continuous kilns are designed boost all aspects of the everyday life at a sawmill, from the bottom line to the working environment for the operator. They also provide fast drying processes, low energy consumption and high flexibility. All covered in a robust stainless-steel construction with no need for re-skinning.
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21st Annual BC Natural Resources Forum

January 16, 2024 | Prince George, B.C. »