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The gullet – what is made must be moved

While the distance between the top of the tooth to the bottom is the gullet depth, the area of space in the gullet will determine how much sawdust or chip load the gullet can handle.

Sales, service and success

Although a sawfiler may not make the final decision, ultimately he or she is responsible to make sure what was purchased works to the benefit of the department and the entire operation.

Family of filers: AM Ludwig Saw Shop sees three generations under one roof

Business is booming for AM Ludwig Saw Shop in Thunder Bay where three generations of Ludwig filers are keeping saws sharp for mills across Northern Ontario.

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PETROGLIDE™: Designed for Excellent Saw Guide Lubrication

PETROGLIDE’s blend of additives help to ensure a good cut, as well as a long saw guide and blade life. It also minimizes rusting throughout the operation cycle while reducing saw deviation and maximizing on-spec board production. Its surface wetting coupled with good water separability and tackiness helps to hold it in place, without causing excessive sawdust clumping.
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Increasing sawmill circular saw blade life

For many years, maximizing the life of circular saw blades has been a major challenge for the lumber and sawmill industry. The edge prep process EMG developed by Conicity Technologies is used to show the difference in wear rate experienced in sawing variation. » Read More...

Saw Filing 101: Cuts like a knife

One of the biggest breakthroughs in our time for sawmill and lumber production and manufacturing may well be knives and their applications for chipping. » Read More...
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BID Group created the most advanced disposable knife on the market, with excellent abrasion and impact resistance. From steel composition to ease of maintenance, no detail has been overlooked.

You can also count on 24/7 fast and responsive support.
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A properly greased filing room

Lubrication-related filing room equipment failure plagues most sawmills. And it seems the problem is on the rise with the widespread use of automatic grease units. » Read More...

Filing rooms onsite, offsite, or something in between?

It’s been said that having a sawmill without a filing room is like having a grocery store without a meat market. » Read More...

Closing the gender gap: one-on-one with saw filing apprentice Sara Davies

The saw filing trade is one that is not widely understood or well-known among the general public, or even among those who work in sawmills. » Read More...