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ASV Introduces new mulchers, snow attachments and dozer blade

October 27, 2022  By ASV Holdings

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ASV Holdings introduces new high-performance mulchers for the MAX-Series RT-135F and RT-75HD Posi-Track loaders, as well as the first ASV-branded snow attachments. A 6-way dozer blade is also included in the updated line of branded attachments.

As with all ASV-branded attachments, the mulcher, snow attachments and dozer blade are simple to use and compatible with all brands with the added advantage of being matched and tested for use with ASV machines. ASV’s attachment line also includes an industry-leading two-year warranty with all parts and support available directly through ASV’s dealer network.

ASV exhibited one of the new mulchers at the Equip Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky.

“These new attachments allow operators to enjoy ASV performance year-round – seamlessly transitioning from dirt and landscaping work in the summer to snow clearing in the winter,” explained Frank Gangi, attachments product manager for the ASV brand. “Our machines are designed for all seasons and conditions and that includes our attachments.”


Both the RT-135F and RT-75HD Posi-Track loaders are optimized for high performance in forestry and other demanding applications. ASV’s new mulcher attachments are a perfect fit for the machines to achieve maximum power and productivity. Both the RT-135F and RT-75HD offer exceptional flow, allowing operators to get more out of their attachments while maintaining optimal machine performance. The RT-75HD’s highly efficient auxiliary hydraulic system provides 35.7 gpm high flow for reliable execution on the job. For even more power in challenging applications, the RT-135F uses a 132-horsepower Cummins engine combined with a 50-gpm maximum auxiliary flow and oversized auxiliary pump of 66 gpm. The extra 16 gpm within the pump means operators can run high-flow attachments, such as the new mulchers, at full speed while moving the loader without slowing down the tool. Both the RT-135F and RT-75HD transfer more flow and pressure directly to the attachment by using larger line sizes, hydraulic coolers and direct-drive pumps rather than belt-driven pumps, which prevents power loss. The productivity of these machines combined with the new plug-and-play mulchers offers a boost to profitability in applications like forestry mulching, land clearing, trail development and right-of-way work.

ASV offers its new mulcher attachments in a standard drum or depth control series for both the RT-135F and RT-75HD. The standard drum is suitable for most applications and includes carbide teeth that excel in standing up to rocky soil. The heavy-duty construction of the standard drum series makes it the best option for operators that need a versatile mulcher that performs in all conditions. ASV also offers the depth control series outfitted with knives that shine in stringy, fibrous vegetation applications. Depth control technology allows the mulcher to process material in a single pass and creates a consistent bite for a clean, finished look.


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