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BID Group celebrates Comact’s 100th anniversary

January 25, 2024  By BID Group

BID Group’s Comact brand is celebrating 100 years of performance, innovation, and commitment.

Comact was founded on January 24, 1924, in the Beauce region of Quebec. Since its humble beginnings, it has pushed the technological boundaries of the wood processing industry, elevating customers’ yields, revenues, and bottom-line profitability. The company has grown from a small, family-run business to a global leader with multiple key locations serving international markets.

“The last 100 years have been a testament to the hard work and pragmatic ingenuity that are the hallmarks of Comact,” said Alistair Cook, CEO of BID Group.

“The company’s and brand’s growth and longevity in this competitive industry reflect its dedication to delivering exceptional, high-performance equipment and a reputed steadfast service to its customers.”


The partnership between BID Group and Comact since 2013 highlighted the companies’ aligned values and visions for the future of wood processing. It has been integral to developing cutting-edge solutions that drive productivity and cost savings for an ever-growing clientele.

“When Comact joined forces with BID Group, it was a strategic decision that has enabled us to leverage our collective expertise and legacy of operational lifecycle excellence,” commented Simon Potvin, president of Wood Processing at BID Group. “We are excited to continue this journey, honouring our roots while looking forward to executing our ambitious strategies that will shape the next century of wood processing.”

As BID Group celebrates this significant milestone, it reaffirms its commitment to breakthrough transformation, with plans to integrate artificial intelligence and other digital technologies to ensure customers’ operations are prepared for the decades to come.

BID Group is also in an ongoing process to execute a comprehensive and progressive sustainability roadmap that will set new benchmarks for the wood processing industry.

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