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Brunson introduces digital optimizer

Sept. 30, 2013, Kansas City – Brunson Instrument has introduced a digital toolset to troubleshoot alignment issues, document and archive results and increase productivity. The Brunson AlignCam solution includes a digital camera and high quality CCD sensor with Brunson's TeleView software and an instrument adapter.

The AlignCam system provides a live image and continuous feedback on sight lines, so a sawmill technician can align critical-path machinery including primary breakdowns, head rigs, edgers, trimmers and planers. The AlignCam's mobile option allows a single operator to view the image on a mobile device anywhere in the workspace or around the world. This optional kit includes a laptop computer, remote viewer, wireless router, network cable and a choice of a hard case or backpack for easy portability.

The configurable digital solution is outfitted with a specially-designed adapter for quick, on-site user installation. To set up, the maintenance technician simply connects the camera assembly to the optical instrument, and plugs the USB cable into the camera and the computer. Power is supplied to the camera via the USB cable. The camera system dramatically improves user ergonomics for viewing awkward setups in a sawmill. Using a wireless connection and remote monitoring, sawmill maintenance professionals can view targets while making machine adjustments, share their readings and collaborate with service teams in multiple sites, locally or around the world.

September 30, 2013  By press release

Brunson Instrument has introduced a digital toolset to troubleshoot alignment issues

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