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Canada to contest U.S. softwood lumber duties

August 22, 2023  By CFI Staff

Photo: Annex Business Media.

Canada will contest what the trade minister described as “unfair, unjust and illegal” U.S. duties on Canadian softwood lumber products.

Trade Minister Mary Ng today issued the following statement regarding the United States’ fourth administrative reviews on softwood lumber from Canada:

“Canada is a world leader in softwood lumber and has an important industry that creates good, well-paying jobs for thousands of Canadians and supports communities across our country.

“For years, the United States has imposed unfair, unjust and illegal duties on Canadian softwood lumber, hurting Canadian industry and increasing housing costs in both countries.


“Yesterday, Canada filed notices of intent to commence judicial review regarding the latest U.S. decision maintaining these unwarranted duties on our softwood lumber products. Canada is taking the necessary steps to actively defend the interests of our softwood lumber industry and the workers and communities that rely on it.

“Current U.S. softwood lumber duties have subjected most Canadian softwood lumber exports to the new combined duty rate of 7.99 per cent.

“I have raised at every opportunity the unjustified U.S. duties on Canadian softwood lumber with my U.S counterpart, Katherine Tai, United States trade representative, and the need for both countries to find a mutually acceptable resolution to this dispute.

“Canada remains ready and willing to discuss a negotiated outcome to the dispute that provides the stability and predictability the sector needs to ensure its continued growth and success.”

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