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Equipment spotlight: Log Loaders

Feb. 13, 2017 - Here's a look at the latest log loader equipment spotlight. 

February 13, 2017  By Canadian Forest Industries Staff

1. Doosan
Westerra Equipment introduced the Doosan DX380 log loader at Demo 2016 in Maple Ridge. Though new to B.C., this is a proven machine on logging sites along the Pacific Northwest south of the border. Designed specifically for forestry applications, the fast, powerful and efficient Doosan log loaders make every phase of the job more productive. The 115,000-pound machine is equipped with dual swing motors to provide 130,000 pounds of swing torque well suited for coastal logging. The DX380 provides 100,000 pounds worth of draw bar pull making it ideal for steep terrain. The Doosan log loader comes in many configurations all designed to improve productivity and cost-to-performance ratio.  

2. Caterpillar
Finning now offers the all-new Cat 558 log loader which is redefining the conventional forestry machine. The C7.1ACERT Tier 4 Final engine with increased horsepower helps maintain maximum performance under load. Increased swing torque, cooling, and an improved hydraulic system translate to an impressive boost in performance. We understand how important efficiency, reliability and safety are to your bottom line. Cat’s new premium rear entry cabs offer an unparalleled operator experience. Safer access, an air-ride cab seat with heating and cooling capability for improved comfort, optimized visibility and technology that allows for remote location and tracking fuel consumption.

3. Barko
The new Rough Terrain Carrier (RTC) loader package is the most manoeuverable and powerful log loading machine in the Barko product line-up. Providing increased productivity through a sharp turning radius and impressive pulling capacity, the RTC is ideal for safely and efficiently navigating around log yards and sawmills. The four-wheel-drive RTC loader package features a stable rigid frame that provides two-wheel, four-wheel and crab steering capabilities. The RTC also includes front and rear planetary drive axles, and delivers approximately 21,000 pounds of drawbar pull, enough to pull a small log trailer, move easily through muddy conditions, and climb grades of up to 45 per cent.

4. Wagner
Wagner’s new L90 and L490 are among the safest and most productive log loaders on the market with the same durability that the Wagner brand is well known for. The new models have much faster hydraulics, hoisting twice as fast as its predecessors. The models include dual stairways for safe egress, and ground level service bays for easy and safe maintenance.
Tigercat’s new 880D logger has been upgraded to the Tigercat FPT N67 engine outputting 308 hp at 2,000 rpm. The engine is available in Tier 2 and Tier 4f configurations. The swing bearing diameter has increased from 1,370 mm to 1,565 mm. The 880D logger now shares the modular main hydraulic valve with all other Tigercat 800 series carriers for improved parts commonality. The 880D has plenty of cooling capacity with an automatic variable speed fan for improved fuel efficiency and an automatic reversing cycle to clean the heat exchangers. An energy recovery swing system, a closed loop drive that feeds power back to the engine when swing decelerates, reduces fuel consumption and recovering energy.


6. Sennebogen
The 830 M-T builds on Sennebogen’s global experience in logging applications to provide a purpose-built log-handling machine specially engineered for pulling heavy trailer loads. Powered by a 224-hp Cummins diesel engine, the four-wheel-drive system features dual transfer transmissions providing direct drive to each axle. Boasting the highest drawbar pull in its weight class, the drive system ensures ample power to pull 100,000-pound trailer loads without undue stress. The 830 M-T undercarriage is also specially reinforced for towing stresses. Sennebogen’s hydraulic elevating maXCab can rise up to six metres above ground level. Sennebogen introduces Tier 4-compliant models of the 830 M equipped with a fuel-saving “Eco-Mode” and no-load automatic stop function.

7. Komatsu
The Komatsu PC390LL-10 Log Loader has a NET horsepower of 257 HP (192 kW), powered by a Komatsu SAA6D114E 5 engine that is EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage 3B emissions certified. Weighing in at 106,924 pounds (48,500 kg) in Log Loader configuration, the PC390LL 10 uses a hydraulic actuator to provide optimum air flow under all speed and load conditions. The new engine and hydraulic pump control technology improves operational efficiency and lowers fuel consumption up to 10 per cent. Its large undercarriage design increases overside lift capacity and provides lateral stability in applications that require long arms or heavy attachments.

8. Link-Belt
The new Link-Belt 40-Series forestry machines feature powerful, fuel-efficient Final Tier 4 engines that don’t require a DPF, matched to a 55 per cent larger fuel tank that keeps you working longer. 40-Series offers up to 12 per cent improved cycle times, best-in-class swing torque, 17 per cent draw bar pull increase and up to 10 per cent better fuel economy. Ground-level access to all service points, easily opened by hand. Other features include a seven-inch, high-definition colour monitor, rear-view camera, Oregon OSHA/WCB compliant forestry cab, full-length track guards. This attention to detail ensures that Link-Belt Forestry machines deliver outstanding performance and productivity.

9. John Deere
The purpose-built G-Series log loaders offer increased productivity, durability and reliability. The standard elevated rear-entry cab allows for convenient entry and exit, is ROPS certified, isolation mounted with a new HVAC system, maximizing operator comfort. A cab-forward riser option, available on the 2156G, 2656G and 3156G, moves the operator 17 inches forward for applications where right side visibility is a key requirement. The 3156G models are equipped with a larger hydraulic pump, cooling package and 9 litre engine used in the 3756G, improving durability and performance. Other features include a new electrical system, larger hydraulic cooling capacity and undercarriage improvements.

Tanguay PL350 and PL350-HD loaders are custom designed for each mill with loader location, boom geometry and attachment selection carefully planned to maximize production. A choice of 150- to 200-hp electric motors and electrical systems are available to suit worldwide electrical services. Stationary single or dual pedestal bases for over conveyors are available and an optional mobile rail trolley is also available to expand working range and increase mill flexibility. The extra-large ergonomic cab has plenty of room to install mill input and outputs screen and controls.

11. Ponsse
Forwarders spend most of their operating time loading. This makes the power, movement, speed and controllability of the loader key factors for efficient loading. Ponsse loaders are strong both in slewing and lifting capacity, and precise. The advanced OptiControl system makes operating exact, easy and secure. Individual settings provide optimal loading for each operator. Ponsse Ecodrive assists operators to improve working methods. Booms are made of high-strength steel and high-quality cast components that guarantee performance even in the most extreme conditions. Loaders cover a range from medium-sized thinning forwarders to heavy-duty forwarders.   

12. Liebherr
The Liebherr L580Wheel Loader in Log Handler format has been developed especially for operations in the timber-handling sector. The newly designed lifting gear means that the logs can be taken up from above at a great height, which makes the Log Handler particularly well-suited for loading and unloading trucks or feeding bark removal and sorting installations. The grab can be rotated 360 degrees as well as pivoting forwards and backwards. The driver’s cab has a roof window, fitted as standard with a protective grill, to provide the best possible view upwards, and the protective grill for the front windscreen is integrated directly into the lifting gear. The new Log Handler has a stepless hydrostatic drive system, which achieves impressive fuel savings.

13. Hyundai
The latest Hyundai 3000 series log loaders including the new 86,000 pounds HX3026 feature spacious new cab forward on 60-inch riser and heavy duty West Coast BC guarding package. Also included is massive 1,050-litre counterweight/fuel tank; 300 size undercarriage; purpose built extreme duty log loader style boom with 38ft reach on the ground, and stick operated by ergonomic control handles. Running Tier 4 fuel-efficient Cummins engines, these new Hyundai loggers are rated among the most productive and cost effective in the business.

14. Pierce
Pierce’s long history of high-lift Paralifts reach back to the design inception – and long before European loaders were even involved in log yards. Since then, Pierce has continued to improve on the original design, resulting in Paralifts that offer reliability and performance. Many of them have logged as many as 50,000 to 70,000 hours on the meter. Pierce has created countless purpose-built, high-lift Paralift loaders for handling shortwood – all designed to maintain high visibility for safe and efficient throughput. And with grapple options ranging from eight to 16 feet, Pierce Paralifts will likely meet just about any log yard requirement.

15. Madill
The 2850C Series II Madill log loader is a 89,000-pound machine that offers the best power to weight ratio in its class, which enables outstanding overall performance in any environment or condition. With its Cummins QSC 8.3L Tier III engine, the 2850C provides ample hydraulic flow for more lift power, swing torque and tractive effort that results in higher productivity than other machine in its class. Madill formed plate boom has a heel boom maximum reach of 40 feet six inches. The cab riser is forward sloped for excellent visibility, 14-foot eye level, hydraulic tilt for moving, and sound insulated.

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