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FPInnovations’ PIT Group earns funding for engine project

August 20, 2014, Pointe-Claire, Que. – FPInnovations has been awarded government funding for a truck engine programming project through its Performance Innovation Trucking (PIT) Group.

"The entire road transport sector will benefit from the PIT Group's research on engine programming,” says Pierre Lapointe, President and CEO of FPInnovations. “In our opinion, a direct source of fuel savings is "waiting in the wings" behind engine programming, and a better understanding of engine programming will help all industries improve their energy performance."

The initiative of "Programming commercial vehicle engines to reduce fuel consumption and emissions" will help develop parameters adapted to various applications, and then evaluate the potential cost savings and make the related knowledge public. This project will make it possible not only to optimize new engines, but also to develop programming devised for targeted uses that will contribute to optimizing or modifying the configuration of an engine when a truck's purpose is changed.

The partners in this project include Cummins Eastern Canada and ASMAVERMEQ as well as the Société des Alcools du Québec and Cascades Transport Inc. FPInnovations’ research suggest that appropriate engine programming could represent fuel savings of 10-15 per cent.

August 20, 2014  By  Andrew Macklin

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