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HAIX is looking for 100 boot testers

July 26, 2023  By CFI Staff

HAIX is conducting a wear-test giveaway to select 100 participants to test their choice of work wear boots. HAIX will give chosen participants a choice between three models of boots.

HAIX will provide all boots free of charge. Chosen participants are to wear them for about four weeks while on the job. In return, chosen wear testers must give feedback on how well their boots performed by October 1st. Online wear test feedback forms will be provided by HAIX and all wear testers will get to keep their boots.

“HAIX wants hardworking professionals that have a need for a safety toe boot to feel the HAIX quality difference. That’s it. And what better way to do that than by giving 100 lucky winners the chance to get a free pair of HAIX boots on their feet. HAIX wants each chosen participant to put our shoes through their paces. And then, after wearing them on the job for four weeks, give us their feedback,” the company said in a statement.

Each wear tester must be over 18, active in industries or any other kind of job that requires a safety toe. Wear testers should be able to provide a wide array of testing scenarios in real life situations.


To apply sign up between July 25th and August 8th: www.haixusa.com/work-boot-weartest.


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