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KESLA proC i intelligent loader control now available for tractor loaders

January 30, 2024  By KESLA

The control system has undergone extensive testing and is now ready for sale.

The control system is Kesla’s own work. It features intelligent loader control and end damping. It is available for the KESLA 320 series loaders, i.e. the 325T and 326T models. Kesla has also combined remote contact with proC i intelligent loader control. Remote contact provides security for the user, as it enables direct technical support from the factory. With remote access, the factory technical support can see the same view as the operator. Remote access can be used to support the customer in, for example, problem-solving or adjustments.

The development of the KESLA proC i intelligent loader control was started six years ago. Having gained popularity among customers, KESLA proC control provided a good basis for the construction of the new control system. The new intelligent loader control has been tested by customers for three years. It has been used in a variety of conditions, from heat to sleet and extreme cold. The applications have included forestry work, contracting work and heavy agricultural use.

KESLA proC i intelligent loader control further improves the usability and ergonomics of the loader The intelligent loader control specifically controls the tip of the crane, not the main boom, outer boom or extender separately. This makes it easier to learn the control method and is also reflected in productivity. In a study commissioned by Metsäteho, the productivity of intelligent loader control compared to electric two-lever control was over 24% higher.


The end damping provided with the intelligent loader control makes the operation smooth and soft, since there are no jolts caused by extreme movements. It is possible to turn off both the intelligent loader control and the end damping if this makes more sense for the work. The control system is operated using a large touch screen with clear menus. It is possible to store 10 different sets of settings in the KESLA proC i system. Examples of typical settings include separate settings for handling brushwood, wood or bales, or for driving with cold oil and warm oil.

Ergonomics have been taken into account in the equipment – for example, in the new armrest. The armrest is easily adjustable to suit different-sized operators. The joystick base is shaped to keep the grip relaxed. The stand-by and on/off buttons frequently used in the control system have been moved to the armrest, minimising the need for hand movements.

Kesla has also published material that makes it easier to explore the new features independently at any time, using a smartphone, for example. For more information about the material, please contact your nearest dealer. Official sales of the KESLA proC i intelligent loader control will start at the beginning of January 2024, and it will be available for the KESLA 325T and 326T loaders at first.

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