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Komatsu presents new 845 12-tonne forwarder

October 1, 2020  By Komatsu

New Thinning Experts

It is with pride that we present our thinning concept Thinning Experts (TX) with the upgraded favorite 835TX as well as the brand new and ultra compact 825TX. Our thinning experts give you even better conditions to work both efficiently and gently.

One new feature is the specially designed tracking frame, which helps you forward in dense stands without damaging remaining trees or compromising with the load space.

Another new feature is the design of the load space, which has been optimized for thinning with a special headboard and bunks. Other important advantages are good visibility and a well-designed crane.

Our product manager for forwarders, Daniel Grabbe, tells us more about all the advantages of the TX-concept.


Komatsu 845

The Komatsu 845 12-tonne forwarder is a versatile machine that performs well in thinning, but also in lighter final felling. The 2021 model has been updated with new components, including a new chassis, a new engine and a new control system, bringing it fully in line with the larger forwarders, albeit in a slightly smaller package.

The Komatsu 845 in the 2021 line-up boasts an upgraded design with the same popular cab as the larger forwarders. The work environment is spacious and comfortable with good visibility in all directions – over both the hood and the load area, which is especially important in thinning.

New Komatsu 845 options include a larger crane and SpeedShift.

New tracking frame

The TX machines see the introduction of a new tracking frame that more than halves the difference between the front and rear wheel tracks to less than 200 mm. A machine with little tracking deviation is easier on the forest floor as it leaves narrower tracks at its minimum turning radius and takes narrower routes between trees.

A more agile machine also reduces the risk of damage to standing trees when maneuvering the machine in tight spaces. The length of the load space is the same as before, maintaining the same level of productivity.

In this video, Grabbe explains how it works.

A load space for thinning

The load space is optimized for thinning – both the headboard and the bunks are angled five degrees inwards to be as agile as possible in tight spaces. This reduces the risk of hitting standing trees when the machine sways from side to side in uneven terrain.

It is important to note that the headboard and the first bunk are connected. A hydraulically adjustable version of this headboard is also available.

In this video we explain how.

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