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Logset demo of the 12H GTE hybrid

May 27, 2016 – Logset recently held a demo of its 12H GTE Hybrid at a forest site in France, where it worked on steep hills cutting Douglas fir stems

May 27, 2016  By  Andrew Macklin

The diesel engine, assisted by the electric motor, delivered power of 520 hp and torque of 2000 kN. Multitasking of the crane, feeding wheels, saw and driving were also demonstrated by the harvester in this challenging environment.

This new member of the Logset family is the response to the market and customer demand. The development and building of the 12H GTE Hybrid had to embrace these three principles to become the best harvester possible:

  • Efficiency: power, immediate response, high capacity and consistency
  • Economy: low fuel consumption, stable engine performance and reliability
  • Environment: low emissions, ground pressure and noise level

The 12H GTE combines all these advantages to a high standard. It can decrease the fuel consumption per m³ without compromising power. Noise reduction and stable engine performance were other significant benefits of the hybrid system observed at the demo according to Logset.

The diesel engine is constantly running at approx. 1500 rpm. There is no engine peak loads like when using conventional technology where the workload varies. The hybrid system, while discharging, delivers up to 220 hp to support the diesel engine during high workload. Thanks to this, the diesel engine runs smoothly and releases less emissions even in the most challenging situations.


The low emission, fuel consumption and noise level implies this harvester to be a step forward towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly way to harvest timber. Compared to the previous Logset harvester generation with the 8.4 l CTA engine, Logset achieved a 72 per cent increase in power, 54 per cent increase in torque, 27 per cent increase in hydraulic flow, five per cent reduction in noise level and a 20-30 per cent reduction in fuel consumption. These results also all in all approximately 35–40 per cent lower emissions per produced cubic meter based on the site measurements.

The hybrid solution consists of two parts: the generator/electric motor and the Powerpack. The Powerpack is a closed unit containing a supercapacitor, control units and a water cooling system.

The 12H GTE Hybrid has the same footprint as the well-known Logset 8H GTE. Both machines have the same ground pressure properties. The 12H GTE Hybrid is equipped with Mesera 285H, the strongest parallel crane available on the market. Combined with the long knives of the TH75, the setup is ready to face real harvesting challenges.

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