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Logset machines with a new look

June 5, 2017 - The Finnish forest machine manufacturer Logset Oy celebrates 25 years in business by presenting a new black look for the machines. Both the harvester and forwarder have black cabins. The forwarder also has a new design on the bumper and the bonnet protection. The production of the black machines has started and the first machines with the new look will be seen during the Elmia Wood exhibition in Sweden in the beginning of June.

"Our customers wished for a new appearance and we decided to go for it. The black color never goes out of style and it is also easier to maintain. After launching this new look, the silver-grey cabin is no longer available," says vice-president of sales Pascal Réty.

The new look of the machines includes a new control system designed by Logset for both forwarders and harvesters: Total Operation and Control 2 (TOC 2). The graphic design as well as the menus of the TOC 2 have been completely renewed to make navigation faster and even more intuitive.

In addition to the renewed TOC 2 for the base machine, Logset has also developed a new measuring system for harvester heads : Total Operation and Control – Measuring Device 2 (TOC-MD 2). Both systems are Linux-based and they represent a new generation of the original programs.

Together with the new control system, Logset presents revolutionary control panels that have the best design on the market. The new design is protected. The new operating levers allow the driver to seamlessly interact with the machine’s control system and crane. The new operating levers for harvesters have 13 buttons on each handle, which means 26 buttons in total.

"After 25 years in business we know how important ergonomics is. On the new control panels, the height and angle of both the wrist support and the palette can be adjusted separately. They are adjustable to different styles of driving," Réty explains.

Throughout the years, Logset has had a clear policy of investing in research and development. Logset has launched the world’s first hybrid harvester, the Logset 12 H GTE Hybrid, The Friendly Giant. It is environmentally friendly and powerful like a giant. Its hybrid technology reduces carbon emissions almost by one third per produced cubic meter. In Spring 2017, the company launched two new harvester heads : TH85 and TH65 Euca. The TH85 harvester head can be mounted on the hybrid. All these products will also been seen at Elmia Wood this June.

June 5, 2017  By Logset

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