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More efficient way to re-dry planer “wets”

October 30, 2015 - A trial testing an inline system to examine and re-dry “wets” one board at a time to improve lumber quality and drying efficiency was recently done by FPInnovations.

FPInnovations’ Vincent Lavoie will discuss the concept and trials on combining radio frequency (RF) technology with a streamlined process to identify and re-dry wets ar OptiSaw 2015. Avoid over-drying at the main kilns or excess handling of wets with this single-board approach!

Problem boards are identified ahead of the planer, and then diverted to an inline RF system that treats, and re-treats, boards until they meet an acceptable MC.

“This allows us to target a proper MC level out of the kilns without overdrying the bulk of the charge to meet the needs of a few wet pieces. It also does so in a very efficient and automated way,” the seasoned researcher explains.

To discover more about this technology and early mill trials, hear Vincent’s full presentation and Q&A period at OptiSaw 2015, December 2 in Montreal. www.optisaw.com

October 30, 2015  By Scott Jamieson

Sorting and treating “wets” at the planer mill can save kiln time and reduce handling.

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