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New harvester head optimized for harvesting medium-sized eucalyptus tree

May 3, 2017 - Logset has launched a new product: the harvester head TH65 Euca. As its name implies, the head is designed for harvesting and debarking medium-sized eucalyptus trees. It is the third harvester head designed for harvesting eucalyptus in the TH-series. The TH65 Euca's dimensions are similar to the Logset harvester head TH65. It weighs 1,100 kg and can be mounted on a Logset 8H GT harvester or on track-based machines weighing 20-35 tons. 

"The Logset harvester heads have basically all the qualities needed for harvesting and debarking eucalyptus. Designing special harvester heads for eucalyptus was not a big step for us. In the TH65 Euca, the feeding wheels and delimbing knives are equipped with parallel feed, which means that the eucalyptus stems are well centred in the harvester head. The stem maintains this position even when moving through the harvester during debarking," explains development manager Jonas Hedstront. 

During the development process, one of the most important steps was producing an optimal debarking result during the first feeding. Another important quality was to make sure that the harvester head is kept clean of bark, so the work is not interrupted due to cleaning. 

"The demand for a medium-sized harvester head has grown among our customers who work with eucalyptus. Thanks to the TH65 Euca, I'm glad to say that we can now respond to this demand," says vice-president of sales Pascal Rety.

May 3, 2017  By Logset


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