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Precision Machinery introduces Kaiser line of fully automated equipment

May 9, 2018 - Precision Machinery is a name synonymous with quality, service, and innovation. Serving saw filing rooms across North America and Australasia with diverse product lines Precision is on the cutting edge of saw guide technology. New for 2018 is their Kaiser line of fully automated equipment. The Kaiser guide dresser is an evolution of Precision’s popular semi-automatic machine that is now in over 100 sawmills world-wide. PGMR offers the most diverse line-up of guide dresser machines available with six different models to choose from. Service matters and with the large amount of machines Precision has in the market they possess the infrastructure and experience necessary to keep your mill running at optimal efficiency.

May 9, 2018  By Precision Machinery

Also new for 2018 is the Kaiser Knife Grinder which was unveiled for the first time at the annual BC Saw Filers Convention. All Kaiser equipment is German made in Canada. The Kaiser Knife Grinder represents a leap forward in automation for the filing room. Up to 500 disposable chip head knives are loaded into the machine by an operator. The machine then runs, without operator intervention, for up to 16 hours producing sharpened knives that are measured and sorted. This machine is the culmination of over three years of development and testing. More Kaiser products are in development for release in the near future.

Accurate saw guides are critical to a mill’s performance but they do not tell the entire story of the saw box. Alignment of the saw guide stack to the flow of lumber and effective cooling of the saws are also crucial. On top of accuracy guaranteed saw guides PGMR also supplies patent-pending Prismatic Guide Manifold Systems and Teardrop Babbitt Molds to address these common concerns. The Prismatic design allows the saw guide stack to be aligned to the flow of lumber independent of the guide post. The system employs 100 per cent contact between mating parts and is not dependent on bolt-tension to maintain alignment which allows the system to resist movement during a crash or mis-set. Teardrop Babbitt geometry reduces saw heat by an average of 90 per cent. The theory of how saw lubrication works has been completely re-written by the Teardrop system. Both the Prismatic Manifold and Teardrop Babbitt systems are proven technology with hard scientific data and numerous real-world implementations to back them up. These are not ideas, they are proven products, running in a saw mill near you. www.pgmr.ca 

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