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Quebec allocates $8.5M for storm-damaged timber recovery

March 26, 2024  By CFI Staff

Photo: Annex Business Media.

Following the unveiling of the 2024-2025 budget, Quebec’s Minister of Natural Resources and Forests, also responsible for Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie−Îles-de-la-Madeleine regions, Maïté Blanchette Vézina, applauds the $8.5 million funding dedicated to salvaging storm-damaged timber in public forests in Bas-Saint-Laurent during the 2022 storm season.

The funds aim to aid in clearing wind-felled trees obstructing pathways across the region. Over 17,000 hectares were affected, equivalent to nearly three years of typical harvesting, totalling around 3 million cubic metres of timber. Recovery efforts began in 2023 and will continue through 2026.

This $8.5 million investment over two years ensures timely retrieval of fallen timber, crucial for preventing degradation. The salvaged wood will be utilized for forest product manufacturing, aiding Quebec’s greenhouse gas emission reduction endeavors.

Blanchette Vézina emphasized the government’s commitment to supporting regional forestry, essential for economic stability, particularly in areas heavily reliant on the sector.


As part of the 2024-2025 budget, Québec allocates $27.5 million to facilitate timber harvesting, including $8.5 million over two years for storm-affected timber recovery in Bas-Saint-Laurent’s public forests.

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