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Richmond Plywood unveils cutting-edge panel repair system

May 9, 2024  By CFI Staff

Bhavjit Thandi, Richply CFO.

Richmond Plywood (Richply) has completed installation of a state-of-the-art Con-Vey Argos panel repair system at its Richmond, B.C., facility. The $17.4 million investment, which integrates robotic technology with AI, marks a significant leap forward in plywood surface defect repair.

Funded in part by Natural Resource Canada’s $6.7 million contribution through the Investments in Forest Industry Transformation Program, the system represents a commitment to efficiency and sustainability within Canada’s forestry sector.

Bhavjit Thandi, CFO of Richmond Plywood, emphasized the company’s dedication to minimizing waste and enhancing production competitiveness. The ribbon-cutting ceremony, scheduled for Friday, May 10, at 11:00 AM, will celebrate this milestone.

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Jonathan Wilkinson praised the initiative, highlighting its contribution to a resilient and environmentally sustainable forestry sector. Parm Bains, Member of Parliament for Steveston – Richmond East, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the role of technological innovation in advancing Canada’s net-zero economy.


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