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SCA, Scania introduce world’s first electric timber truck

August 4, 2022  By SCA

Photo: SCA.

To further strengthen the sustainable value chain, SCA together with Scania developed the world’s first electric timber truck with a capacity of 80 tonnes. SCA’s goal is to make the entire value chain fossil-free.

“We have come a long way in industrial processes, which are already 96 per cent fossil-free. We are very pleased that we, together with Scania, can break new ground to make the heaviest transports fossil-free,” says Hans Djurberg, SCA head of sustainability.

The vehicle solution developed by Scania in close collaboration with SCA and the research institute Skogforsk, is part of the transition to sustainable transport.

“The 80-tonne battery-powered timber truck shows that even really heavy transport can be electrified. The partnership with SCA, is a early show of what is possible, is a clear signal that it is possible to electrify even heavy transport. A change of pace is needed to make Sweden fossil-free in time and meet the goal of the Paris Agreement,” says Fredrik Allard, Scania’s head of E-mobility.


“An electric timber truck is a symbol of something pretty cool. Shipping of timber has been talked about as something that might never be possible to electrify. The development in recent years and what we are now presenting together with SCA shows how fast the development is taking place both in terms of vehicles and batteries,” says Allard.

The new electric timber truck represents another innovative step on the journey towards a fossil-free society and can be driven with a total weight of 64 tonnes on public roads and 80 tonnes on private roads.

Learn more: https://www.sca.com/en/top-news-startpage/2022-07/scas-world-unique-electric-timber-truck-from-scania-has-arrived.

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