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SFI progress report 2018: Forests are the answer

June 28, 2018 - At the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, we believe forests are the answer to many of our local, national and global challenges.

June 28, 2018  By Sustainable Forest Initiative

SFI’s contribution to addressing these challenges is seen every day in the work we do and the partnerships we build to provide supply chain assurances, elevate the conservation contribution of well-managed forests, and promote environmental awareness through education and community engagement that improves our shared quality of life.

As the pace of urbanization accelerates rapidly around the world, it’s critical that we remain connected to forests and continue to recognize the important values forests support. 

As in previous years, the successes highlighted in this report could not have been achieved without the hard work and dedication of the SFI community, which includes SFI Program Participants, SFI Implementation Committees, the Project Learning Tree network, conservation and community groups, Indigenous Peoples, governments, businesses and other partners. Our grassroots network is making a difference.

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