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The CFI Podcast: Paul Johnson on SFI’s new Urban & Community Forest Sustainability Standard

April 27, 2021  By CFI Staff

Urban and community forestry is an aspect of the industry that is often overlooked, but ensuring that they are established and managed in ways that meet local needs while contributing to national and global initiatives is critical. In fact, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) recently announced it would be developing a new standard, the Urban and Community Forest Sustainability Standard.

To get a better understanding of why SFI decided to develop a new standard, the progress that has been made so far, and the impact urban and community forests have on the public and the environment, CFI editor Ellen Cools spoke with Paul Johnson, SFI’s director of urban and community forestry.

According to Paul, “There is so much building evidence of the connection between trees and our ability not just to live in communities, but to thrive in our communities.” This standard “will give us an additional kind of roadmap to how to have a better program, and, at the same time, create an audited recognition program.”

The standard will also help build upon international climate change initiatives such as Canada’s 2 Billion Trees Initiative, and help combat public misconceptions about the industry’s sustainability, he says.


Listen to the SoundCloud link below to hear more from Paul about the new standard and the importance of urban and community forestry.

Special thanks to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative for sponsoring this episode!

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