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United Steelworkers union welcomes Winton Homes workers in Prince George

May 9, 2024  By USW

United Steelworkers union (USW) Local 1-2017 is pleased to welcome over 30 workers from Winton Homes Ltd., part of the Sinclar Group Forest Products family in Prince George. These workers have been certified by the B.C. Labour Relations Board to become part of the USW.

“We are thrilled to welcome our new members from Winton Homes Ltd. into the United Steelworkers family,” said Brian O’Rourke, President of USW Local 1-2017. “Their decision to join our union highlights the importance of collective representation and solidarity in the workplace.”

The addition of these members from Winton Homes Ltd. further strengthens USW’s presence as a leading voice for workers in the region.

“Our union is committed to advocating for fair wages, equitable treatment and safe working conditions for all workers in the Cariboo and Northern B.C.,” added O’Rourke. “We look forward to working closely with our new members from Winton Homes Ltd. to address the concerns they have and to build a better and stronger workplace together.”


Winton Homes Ltd. is a prominent provider of high-quality prefab home packages and structural building components to owner builders, contractors, developers and builders, plays a crucial role in the construction industry.

The USW represents 225,000 members in nearly every economic sector across Canada and is the largest private-sector union in North America, with 850,000 members in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean.

Each year, thousands of workers choose to join the USW because of our strong track record in creating healthier, safer and more respectful workplaces and negotiating better working conditions and fairer compensation – including good wages, benefits and pensions.

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