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VAB Solutions signs new contract for 28th Planer Grader Optimizer

July 22, 2015 - The president of VAB Solutions, Jean Berube, recently announced the signing of a new contract for the sale and installation of a complete Planer Mill Lineal Grading Optimizer for Riopel Sawmill, a division of Crete Group, located in Chertsey, Quebec. 

"This new equipment is at the cutting edge of the technology and will enable Riopel Sawmill to significantly increase its production efficiency by increasing their productivity and the quality of their product,” says Berube.

About VAB Solutions Inc.
Created in 2004, VAB Solutions Inc. is a partnership between Marc Voyer eng. and Jean Berube eng., combining more than 30 years in the lumber industry.  The mission of VAB Solutions Inc. is to develop, manufacture, sell and commission vision instruments for the forest industry using the latest technology. Achieving outstanding performance and offering a fair competitive price are top priorities. The key feature of VAB Solutions Inc. line of products is the Lumber Grading Optimizer for planer mills. In 2014, VAB Solutions Inc. celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Source: VAB Solutions

July 22, 2015  By  Andrew Snook

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