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Wood-Mizer makes bi-metal blade

Jan. 16, 2014 - Wood-Mizer, the only sawmill manufacturer to also produce blades, introduces the heavy duty, high performance bi-metal blade. Engineered for production sawing, the innovative bi-metal blade will complement Wood-Mizer's extensive line of bandsaw blades.

With an RC hardness of 67 on the tooth edge, the bi-metal blade provides a longer sawing sharp life, especially for cutting abrasive, exotic wood species. The tooth is manufactured with a ribbon of high speed steel that is electron beam welded to a high alloy backing material. This high alloy backing material offers a combination of durability and fatigue resistance, enabling a sharp life that is 2-3 times longer than carbon blades.

"The new bi-metal blade will give you the best of both worlds," said Wood-Mizer's COO, Darryl Floyd. "It is less costly than other Stellite and carbide blades and extremely easy to maintain."

The slightly increased width, compared to other blades in its class, provides more strength and stability resulting in faster sawing while maintaining accuracy. Both bi-metal blade options feature 7/8" tooth spacing with a 10 degree hook angle and are available in either 1.36" X .042" or 1.635" X .050" sizes.

With the addition of the bi-metal blade, Wood-Mizer now offers blades in four distinct brands to meet every type of wood cutting application, from green softwoods to abrasive and exotic hardwoods.

•DoubleHard, High-Alloy: All purpose, durable blade for most sawing applications.
•SilverTip, Carbon: Ideal blade for the resaw industry where multiple sharpenings are not desired.
•RazorTip, Stellite®: Specialized Stellite-tipped blade for cutting abrasive, kiln-dried, tropical, specialty and other tough wood and beams.
•RazorTip, Carbide: Specialized triple chip carbide-tipped tooth blade for the hardest of hardwoods, and leaves behind a smooth finish.
•Bi-Metal, Industrial: Heavy duty blade for production sawing. Provides a longer sawing sharp life, especially for cutting abrasive, exotic wood species.

For more information about Wood-Mizer, call 800.553.0182 or visit http://www.woodmizer.com.

January 16, 2014  By PRWEB

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