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5 things we learned from Biomass Harvesting Week

February 17, 2023  By  Maria Church

Canadian Biomass and Canadian Forest Industries teamed up this year to turn the spotlight on biomass harvesting across the country.

For five days we highlighted the world of logging, chipping, grinding and transporting woody biomass.

Here’s a snapshot of what we learned during the week:

1) Chipping versus grinder?: Depends on the application. We rounded up advice from chipper and grinder suppliers on choosing the right machine for your woody biomass harvesting needs.


2) The burning question: Five researchers identify potential management alternatives to slash pile burning that would make better use of residual fibre across a range of operational conditions in B.C.

3) Chipping champions: Read our in-depth profile on Atli Chip, a humble chipping plant grinding out economic benefits in Northern Vancouver Island, creating value from salvage wood that would otherwise be burned as a by-product of logging operations.

4) Loggers chipping away: We shared five profiles of contractors who are finding a profit harvesting logging residuals.

5) Equipment spotlight: Canadian Forest Industries rounded up equipment advancements for reducing residuals in Canada’s forests.

Today is the final day of Biomass Harvesting Week 2023, but we’ll continue to archive future content on this landing page to serve as a year-round hub for industry and curious minds to learn best practices and find the latest information on harvesting biomass.

And I’d like to once again thank our inaugural sponsors for making it all possible: Bandit Industries and Frontline Machinery.

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