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Ametek Factory Automation releases Gemco 959CT linear displacement transducer

December 1, 2020  By Ametek Factory Automation

Automation of machinery is a primary focus in many industries, due to three main factors: the global health situation, an economy under pressure, and improving technology. With the release of the new Gemco 959CT linear displacement transducer (LDT), Ametek Factory Automation places itself on the frontline of a wave of new automation products.

Gemco’s 959CT is a budget-friendly linear displacement transducer in a rod-style package. The sensor is designed to address the OEM market, with a focus on industries and markets that utilize hydraulic cylinders. With its all-stainless-steel construction, the 959CT is ideal for caustic applications and machines with high-cycle rates; such as those found in lumber yards, tire and rubber plants, bailers, plastics manufacturing, packaging, the marine industry, or any other applications that require linear position feedback.

The 959CT is a rugged and accurate non-contact linear displacement transducer. The housing is IP68 rated and is less than two inches in depth, allowing it to be installed in applications where traditional rod-style transducers will not fit, or in applications where customers want to simplify installation and serviceability of the sensor. The transducer utilizes Gemco’s field-proven magnetostrictive technology to give absolute analog position feedback, making it accurate to 0.04 per cent of the programmable sensing distance.

This position sensor is built to withstand the most severe environmental conditions and is completely absolute. This means that a loss of power will not cause the unit to lose position information or require re-homing. The non-contact design allows the device to be used in highly repetitive applications without mechanical wear.


Gemco 959CT can operate over a wide power range (eight to 30VDC). A variety of different analog outputs and field-programmable zero and span points are available to meet your needs. The 959CT Series LDT features our auto-tuning capability, which allows the unit to sense a magnet other than the standard ring magnet, and adjust its internal signal strength accordingly. This is very beneficial when replacing a linear transducer in a hydraulic cylinder where the brand of the installed magnet is not known.

This latest addition to Ametek Factory Automation’s Gemco LDT portfolio expands the family of rod-style linear displacement transducers. Gemco’s 953 VMax has proven capabilities, especially in lumber, steel, and industrial applications. Gemco’s 958A Embedded Housing is well-known and completely embedded in the mobile hydraulics industries. The new 959CT will match the needs of the above-mentioned applications, as well as others such as the rail industry, steel mills, and the manufacturing of mobile and industrial hydraulic cylinders.

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