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Atlas Polar now using LOGLIFT virtual reality cranes

May 14, 2020  By Atlas Polar

Virtual reality is not just for gaming anymore. Atlas Polar, the country’s number one truck-mounted equipment company, is changing the reality of Canada’s rail, recycling and forestry industries. Effective immediately, the company will carry the entire range of HIAB/LOGLIFT™ heavy-duty cranes and accessories.

HIAB truck-mounted cranes are the #1 selling brand in Canada – extensively tested and proven under our harsh conditions – and the industry leader worldwide. One thing that has led to that position is its reputation for innovation. And one of the most exciting of those innovations is HiVision™ LOGLIFT, the first timber crane to be controlled by virtual reality (VR). Operators can safely and comfortably direct the crane from the passenger seat using the VR headset to gain an impressive 270-degree field of vision. More importantly, VR eliminates the need for an additional crane cabin, weighing up to 400 kilograms. The lighter weight dramatically increases payload, profit and substantially increases driver safety.

“Canada relies on our natural resources, on our rail lines to transport them, and on our recycling industry to protect them. Ensuring these important industries continue to grow and prosper requires heavy lifting, high performance, visionary technology and innovation, and HIAB LOGLIFT is in the best position to do that,” said Bob Parr, President, Atlas Polar Company Ltd.

LOGLIFT cranes are not only highly visionary, but heavy lifting – specifically designed and customizable to handle the unique needs of these specialized industries, and save them money. Innovative features include SafetyPlus™, hydraulic pilot, a wireless scale, HiVis™ for the maximum visibility, multiple boom and capacity options, plus many that are essential for long-life and rugged durability. Without fail, LOGLIFT cranes deliver efficiency, strength, precision, performance, rugged reliability and maximum payload for full-length harvesting to the most delicate energy forestry and specialized railway logic.


“LOGLIFT™ cranes are a tremendous addition to our top of the line product offerings,” said Parr. “Like all of our brands, they are the epitome of smart controls, smart ideas and next-generation technology. Our ability to distribute and service this line across Canada will help to keep some of our biggest industries at the technological forefront, and help to retain our place right up there with them.”


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