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Hampton Lumber BC mills take precautions to keep staff on during COVID-19

April 8, 2020  By  PJ Boyd

Despite previous and looming setbacks caused by COVID-19, Babine Forest Products and Decker Lake Forest Products have taken precautions to keep their staff working and healthy and have thus far been successful, reports bclocalnews.com.

Owned by Hampton Affiliates, both forest product companies have thus far seen no staff diagnoses of COVID-19 and have not had any workers laid off during the pandemic. Much of this has been attributed to new policies sent out by Hampton Affiliates on March 13, which has thus far exceeded provincial guidelines.

“We will continue to update policies and processes to keep our employees safe during this difficult time,” said Steve Zika, CEO of Hampton Affiliates. “With the Coronavirus health crisis and likely upcoming recession, the lumber business will be dramatically affected. As the effect on our customers and business become known, there is certainly some risk that all our sawmills in North America could see some production curtailments.”

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