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BC government takes action in response to Abbott/Chapman report

Nov. 2, 2018 – The government of British Columbia released an action plan in response to the Abbott/Chapman Report on B.C.'s 2017 wildfire and flood seasons.

November 2, 2018  By  Ellen Cools

In a news release, the provincial government outlined actions they are taking: building on partnerships with Indigenous and local communities to improve emergency preparedness, local capacity and resources; improving public information and outreach to Indigenous governments, communities and local stakeholders; and incorporating local and traditional Indigenous knowledge into emergency management practices.

The government will also use technology to assess wildfire and flood impacts, and ultimately start developing a new cross-ministry disaster recovery framework that also recognizes First Nations’ roles.

Overall, “the action plan supports the development of comprehensive integrated policy, programs and protocols to manage all phases of disaster, form prevention and preparedness through response and recovery, now and in the future,” the press release states. “The goal is to reduce disaster risk and increase community resilience in B.C.”

Updates on the action plan will be released biannually over the next two years, with an update scheduled for April 30, 2019.


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