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B.C.’s logging associations meet to discuss contractor sustainability

May 8, 2017 - B.C.’s logging associations met in advance of the Interior Logging Association’s 59th Annual Conference & Trade Show in Vernon, to discuss contractor sustainability. 

“Timber harvesting contractors across this province are unable to be sustainable and that puts the entire forest industry at risk. They are the first link in the supply chain—without them the rest of the industry grinds to a halt,” said David Elstone, TLA executive director. “This situation becomes even more serious within the context of the recently announced countervailing duties on Canadian softwood lumber exported to the US. The pressure on our industry to remain viable will increase.”

“Many of my members are not seeing a return on their investment,” said Wayne Lintott, ILA general manager. “Timber harvesting requires high capital investment and my members take on a lot of risk. We need to level the playing field between licensees and contractors.”

The government announced their Contractor Sustainability Review in January and the work is now underway with George Abbott named as the independent facilitator. “I know the ILA, NWLA and the TLA are looking forward to helping Mr. Abbott where we can. We all hope this review will lead to real change so that everyone who works in the forest can share in the prosperity,” said Elstone.

May 8, 2017  By The Truck Loggers Association

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