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BID Group releases Vuforia AR Enterprise Suite

June 18, 2020  By BID Group

Photo courtesy of BID Group

The BID Group has expanded upon its use of PTC’s (NASDAQ: PTC) award-winning products to include PTC’s Vuforia® Augmented Reality (AR) offerings. In particular, by adding a subscription to PTC’s Vuforia Chalk TM remote experience software, BID is empowering its remote service team to provide real-time assistance for customers wherever, and whenever needed.

With over 30 years of experience and heritage in the forestry sector, BID is a one-stop source for comprehensive and innovative wood processing solutions. Prior to leveraging Vuforia Chalk, BID deployed PTC’s ThingWorx® Industrial IoT Platform, enabling its customers’ facilities to maximize productivity, increase throughput, and improve overall reliability of the manufacturing process via real-time data analytics and a rich array of production reporting. BID has also implemented the Vuforia StudioTM and Vuforia Expert CaptureTM AR products for deployment across the industry, aimed at improving front line worker efficiency, safety, and agility.

“As part of our digital transformation initiatives, we have prioritized the use of IoT and AR to help create smarter, more connected products, and services,” said Chris Wells, senior VP, aftermarket service & reliability at BID. “By incorporating PTC’s AR offerings, we are excited to unlock new opportunities aimed at servicing our clients in a more efficient and interactive manner.”

Recognized by industry analysts for its depth and breadth of capabilities, Vuforia offers some of the fastest, easiest, and most advanced AR content development solutions, enabling increased workforce safety and efficiency, improved customer experiences, and reduced cost. The Vuforia AR Enterprise Suite includes Chalk, Expert Capture,Studio, the Vuforia EngineTM development platform, and the newly-released Vuforia Spatial ToolboxTM platform.


“We are pleased to help BID roll out their worldwide digital transformation strategy, with an immediate focus on improving remote service capabilities,” said Mike Campbell, executive vice president and general manager, Augmented Reality Products (PTC). “The COVID-19 pandemic has made clear that the future of work is changing, and digital technologies such as IoT and AR are essential to business continuity. We look forward to collaborating with BID in support of their ongoing success.”

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